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A deck chair is a small folding chair, normally with a wooden frame of some other material or treated hardwood. The word folding in the past typically meant a large folding chair, with an entire piece of cloth or plastic forming the seat and backrest. Today it is most often used for leisure on a cruise ship or ocean liner. It is great for people who want to relax while on vacation, but who don't want to deal with the hassles of finding a place to sit.
Some deck chairs are fitted with ottomans that can be raised to allow for roasting marshmallows or a bookcase-style bookcase. These chairs have the advantage of being able to extend, making them easier to store. There is also an option to purchase folding chairs with upholstered cushions. This gives the chair a very casual look and feels, similar to the outdoor patio furniture popular today. It is a good choice if you are going to use the chair only occasionally.
Many times companies that make decks chairs will also make folding chairs that come equipped with ottomans. These are generally less expensive than purchasing a separate chair altogether. Folding deckchairs are made from various materials including, twill, canvas, synthetic fabric, and others. Many people prefer canvas, as it is relatively easy to clean and stands up well to wear and tear. Some people prefer twill because it is relatively inexpensive, but it tends not to stand up to too much wear and tear.
When buying your deck chair for a boat, be sure to keep in mind the type of deck you will be using. For a boat on an ocean liner, you will probably need a heavier-duty folding chair. These are usually constructed from aluminum, and feature reinforced corner and edge straps to ensure that they will withstand the stress of being taken on and off the ocean liner. For a smaller inflatable deck chair, you may want to select a plastic model.
Folding deck chairs are available in several different colors and patterns. They can be purchased with built-in cushions or with separate cushions that can be removed and cleaned easily. Most models fold up compactly for easy storage and portability. They are ideal for family outings, beach trips, camping trips, and even as part of a decorative deck chair collection.
When selecting a deck chair for your next family outing, you should consider the size and weight of your passengers. If the deck chair will be used by adults, select one that features an ample seat for two people. If the chair will be used by children, select a smaller size so that younger children do not accidentally knock it over. It is also important to consider whether the chair will be used for extended periods, such as on a cruise ship or a boat. You may prefer an inflatable boat deck chair or a retractable boat deck chair. Some people even use oversized outdoor lounge chairs during outdoor parties.