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Venetian blinds are a kind of decorative window covering made from Venetian wood. This type of wood can be woven into very nice-looking curtains or drapes, and they have many famous and well-known designers as well as very famous architects who recognize the beauty of this type of blind. There are several different types of Venetian blinds that use various kinds of control systems for opening and closing.
One of the most common designs of Venetian blinds is the type that has individual slats that swing open and closed. The way this is controlled is to make sure each slat closes and opens in the same direction so the whole window gets evenly spaced. This kind of blind comes in two variations. One type includes a metal bar across the top with individual slats that swing open and shut, and another version uses a series of metal loops that run across the top of the window. Both kinds use the same basic principles of evenly spaced the slats on each side of the window so each side will cover the same area, just turned out differently to achieve the desired effect.
Another popular style of Venetian blinds uses words instead of individual slats that allow for more control. Cords that are used for these kinds of blinds are often horizontal slats that are almost invisible when opened. These blinds are most commonly used for window treatments such as drapes and shutters, but they have many uses other than that. Even some Venetian blinds that are horizontal do come equipped with cord connections that allow them to be used for window treatments, and they're very easy to open and close.
When it comes to cleaning these blinds, the cords usually come off rather easily, but some of the stronger patterns may have slats that are made from bent or molded plastic instead. If you have a lot of these windows or coverings in your home, then it might be worth it to have your curtains and Venetian blinds professionally cleaned every once in a while. If you don't want to deal with cleaning these things yourself, but you want to keep them looking great, then there are products that you can purchase that will help you maintain your beautiful blinds. Many of these cleaners are sold at your local home improvement store and will generally do a great job of getting your Venetian blinds looking great without needing to be done by professionals.
Regardless of what type of blinds or covers you choose, remember that they can provide you with a great deal of privacy and control. Because these covers are not only functional but are also decorative, you can also use them to keep prying eyes out of your home or business. Some people even choose to use wood Venetian blinds for their windows because of the privacy they provide. Wood is more difficult to manipulate than plastic, but if you pay close attention to the way that it is handled, you will find that it provides you with great security. You can also add decorative hardware to the top or sides of your windows that will make the blinds pop more readily than plain plastic.
As you consider all of the options that you have when it comes to Venetian blinds, you may be surprised to know that you can get them in just about any widths, heights, and lengths. The widths range from four feet to ten feet, with most covers being between one and three feet wide. Even the taller covers can come in sizes as wide as twenty-two feet, which is quite a distance for window coverings, but it certainly helps if you are trying to create more of an impact within your space.